Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for LearnerDriverUSA.com

This terms of use and privacy policy document describes what information is collected and how it is used by LearnerDriverUSA, Google and their partners.

Log Files

LearnerDriverUSA.com makes use of log files to record traffic information of a non-personal nature in order to analyse trends, administer the site and gather demographic information.

Any unauthorised access to password protected parts of this website or server will result in the IP address being recorded for security auditing purposes.

Cookie Policy

LearnerDriverUSA.com uses Google Analytics (GA) in order to record anonymised aggregate information for statistical analysis.

GA and other software may use cookies to track user usage of this website.

For more information on how GA collect and uses your data, please review their privacy policy.

Personalised Advertising

LearnerDriverUSA.com uses Google Adsense and their partners to publish advertising on this website in order to receive legitimate commercial benefit without financial cost to users. This may be in the form of personalised advertising that uses your data, such as visits to this or other websites, to tailor the advertising to you.

Information on how this data is used by Google and their partners and how it may be controlled can be found on their Advertising Technology site.

A list of the aforementioned partners, with links to their privacy policies, can be found on the Ad Technology Providers site.

In accordance with GDPR, a user that hasn’t previously been notified of our use of their data for personalised advertising shall only be shown non-personalised advertisements.


Upon first visit to LearnerDriverUSA.com, a user shall be presented with a notification of the existence of this document and a link to it. At this point and for first viewing of this document, no personalised data shall be used by LearnerDriverUSA.com or our advertising partners.

Continued use of any part of this website after being notified of the existence of this policy means acceptance of its terms and to the usage of personalised advertising outlined above.

Users may withdraw this consent at any time by immediately navigating away from this website.

Terms of Use

This website and all of its content is ​AS IS”. LearnerDriverUSA.com makes no other warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.