Free Alaska Driver Knowledge Test Practice

Choose from the different types of DMV knowledge practice test below along with links to PDF downloads for the Alaska driver handbook. All tests use a random sampling of all the questions in our database – there will never be two tests exactly the same.

Quick Test Refresher

Limited time? Try this refresher, choosing 10 questions from our vast database.

Full Test Practice

A full practice test with 46 questions. Try to get at least 38 correct!

Signs Practice

Having trouble telling the different signs apart? Practice makes perfect!

Key Alaska Test Information

We have pulled out some important highlights of information related to the Alaska state tests. But this list is not exhaustive. Please review the driver’s handbook for details on Alaska state laws and for how to prepare for your written and practical driving tests.

Identification requirements

Applicants must be able to provide: a social security number, proof of address, documentary proof of their date of birth and proof of either being a US citizen or having the right to reside in the United State.

Age Requirements

Applicants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age in order to receive a full driver’s license. Any person who is fourteen (14) years of age may apply for a restricted learner driver’s license. Applicants under eighteen (18) must have a valid instruction permit for at least six (6) months prior to applying.

knowledge test

The test contains questions on Alaska‘s traffic laws, road signs and rules of safe driving. All questions are based on the materials found in the driver’s handbook.

Vision Requirements

Any applicants requiring corrective lenses must wear them whilst taking the test. If the applicant fails the vision examination and it is determined that lenses are needed then the applicant will be required to wear them whilst driving.